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In order to compile your app for android you have to run the following command in the terminal.

eas build --platform android

It may require to login to your expo account via the terminal

Then it will ask you some question answer the questions correctly and then your app will be pushed to the official expo website and you will be queued for build then after some time when it will be your turn your app will be auto build by expo and after the build is successful the compiled app will be pushed to the amazon s3 that you can later easily download from your expo account. For more information visit the official expo build docs.

Now when your app is ready you can directly upload the app to the Google Play Store. Please check Google's official guide for uploading app to Google Play Store.


By default EAS generates Android App Bundle (.aab) instead of .apk which is Preferred by Google Play Store. Still if want to generate a .apk file then please follow this Guide.