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Push Notifications


This is an optional configuration. Only follow this part of the documentation if you want to enable push notification in you app.


Set up push notification at the end of the project. As push notification is an android feature it will not run on Expo Go app. You may run it well on android but IOS development client will not work if you enable push notifications. But it will work perfectly on all devices when you Pre build or Compile the app.

To enable push notifications first open an account on OneSignal Platform. Then create an app in OneSignal dashboard. Then configure Firebase (For Android App) & APN (For iOS App) with OneSignal and get your OneSignal App Id.

Once you have acquired your OneSignal App Id. Open the src/config.json file and you will find the notification configurations.

"notifications": {
"enabled": false,
"oneSignal_app_id": "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx"

Replace the value of enabled to true and this will enable the notification service. Then replace the value of oneSignal_app_id with your OneSignal App Id.

Once you are done with all configurations open the main App.js file and uncomment line 16, 40-42 and you are now ready to compile you app.


If you have followed the documentation and performed all steps correctly you app is fully ready. If you see all working fine then you the move to the next step that is compiling the app