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NodeJS (16.x LTS)

WebOS requires the latest stable version of NodeJS that is currently 16.x (LTS).

You must have NodeJS installed in order to work with WebOS react template. You can follow the following tutorial to install NodeJS on your device.

Installing NodeJS

Windows or MacOS

If you are already a Windows or MacOS user then congratulations. NodeJS have easy installers for you. To continue your installation please go to their official download page. Now select the proper installer depending on your device for Nodejs installation.

NodeJS for Windows and MacOS

Once you have already downloaded the installer run the installer to install NodeJS on your device


sudo su
curl -fsSL | bash -
apt-get install -y nodejs

Verifying Installation

In order to verify that NodeJS is successfully installed on your device please run the following command on your device's terminal.

NodeJS Version:

node -v
# or
node --version

NPM Version:

npm -v
# or
npm --version

If you get a valid output then congratulations NodeJS and NPM are successfully installed on your device. Now we can move on the next requirements Expo Cli