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Environment Setup

So, now our main documentation part begins. In order to setup the development environment. You have to first complete the download procedure. After successful download please unzip (extract) the .zip file. After extracting the .zip file you find some folders. Among that folders select the folder named WebOS and open the folder with any code editor and start your development and configuration to customize the app.

Install required dependencies

It is required that you must install all required modules. Without installing the required modules you will be unable to start the development of the app. So in order to continue your development you must download all modules first. But don't worry this is very easy. We have included package.json & package-lock.json. So if you just run the following commands in your device and all required modules will be auto installed.

  1. Switch to the correct folder by running this following command.
cd /path/to/the/WebOS/Folder/
  1. Now make sure you are in the same folder where package.json and package-lock.json exists. To check run the following commands:
  1. Then if you see that you have got the correct output. Then run the following commands or if you get wrong output then try to redo the step 1 & 2 and come back to step 3.
npm install

So, we are done here. Now we can move on to the next configuration part.